Elite Helicopter Pilot Training

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Here at Brisbane’s newest flying academy we offer our students an unparalleled helicopter training experience.
Our friendly, highly skilled Grade 1 instructors are among the most experienced in the country.

All theory and flight training is conducted at our Archerfield Airport headquarters, in modern facilities with expertly maintained, quality aircraft.
Elite Aviation Academy gives students the best chance of success in their new career, and we pride ourselves on creating a higher quality pilot.


Private Pilot's Licence


Commercial Pilot's Licence


Trial Introductory Flight


Endorsements & Ratings

PPL (H) Private Pilot Licence

PPL (H) Private Pilot Licence

A non-commercial licence without restrictions on passenger numbers, or distance.

If you have a passion for flying and want to fly for fun with family and friends, a PPL is the licence for you.
With a PPL you are able to hire the aircraft you are endorsed on. There is no limit on the distance you can travel and you’ll be able to operate in controlled airspace.
Elite Aviation Academy offers training in a variety of aircraft, or if you’ve purchased a helicopter, you can use it for all your flight training.
The supportive team at Elite want you to succeed and will do what it takes to ensure you become a safe pilot, building the confidence you need to fly with your family and friends.

How do I get a PPL?

  • Complete 50 hours of flight training
  • Undertake an English language assessment
  • Pass Class 2 medical assessment
  • Pass the PPL helicopter theory exam
  • Pass the PPL flight test

CPL (H) Commercial Pilot Licence

CPL (H) Commercial Pilot Licence

For those looking to make a career in aviation.

Working as a commercial helicopter pilot is an exciting and rewarding career.
A commercial pilot’s licence is a pathway to flying in multi-crew operations including search & rescue, police flight operations or off-shore transfers.
Elite Aviation Academy will prepare you for a safe and successful career in aviation by providing you with hands-on, real-world training.
We are dedicated to each student’s success, and use our extensive contact network to help you find your first job. Our operations at Tangalooma and Brisbane provide our students with greater employment opportunities upon completion of their CPL.
Our team of friendly grade 1 instructors are highly trained, with real-world flying experience and each have thousands of hours flying time.

How do I get a CPL?

  • Complete 105 hours of flight training
  • Undertake an English language assessment
  • Obtain an ASIC
  • Pass a Class 1 medical certificate
  • Pass all 7 theory exams
  • Pass the CPL flight test

Specialised Training

Specialised training, endorsements and ratings

Our highly trained specialist instructors are among the best in the country, and we offer specialised training including:

  • Sling endorsements
  • Night VFR

Our versatile fleet offers training, Endorsements & Type ratings on the following aircraft.

  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44
  • Jet ranger
  • Airbus AS350
  • Airbus EC130
  • Bell 206/L

Looking for something else?  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will make it happen! 

Trial Introductory Flight


Trial Introductory Flight

Ready to take your first flight?
Get your hands on the controls & experience what it’s like to fly a helicopter. The Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) gives you the opportunity to learn the basics behind flying a helicopter, and immediately put it into practice!
After meeting your helicopter flight instructor, you’ll have a briefing where the theory and fundamentals of helicopter flight are explained, followed by an introduction to the controls in your (dual controlled) aircraft.
You’ll then take to the air and your highly trained flight instructor will hand over the controls, letting you experience the thrill of flying a helicopter.
Your time in the aircraft will count towards your private or commercial pilot’s licence if you choose to enrol with Brisbane’s Elite Aviation Academy.


  • You need to be 14 years or older
  • No particular level of fitness is required
  • No prior experience is required – you will be supervised by an expert instructor at all times